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World Trade Center Karlskrona

Brf Strandpromenaden was the first step towards realizing the vision that Karlskrona municipality has laid for the new area Pottholmen. The second residence, Brf Skärgården, has sold over half of the 49 apartments. Now the project development company OBOS Kärnhem is approaching a construction start for the World Trade Center Karlskrona.

- We are very pleased that we have come this far. Since building permits have been granted and we have almost half rented out, we can now start the project and start the planning work, says Malin Svensson, CEO of OBOS Kärnhem.

Magnus Lindoffsson, project manager Pottholmen, Karlskrona municipality, welcomes the message;

“Fantastic fun that OBOS Kärnhem establishes a World Trade Center Karlskrona. A very important piece of the puzzle for Pottholmen's development and for the realization of Karlskrona municipality's vision for the area ” .

Two major local players have chosen to establish themselves in the World Trade Center and have signed the first contracts in WTC Karlskrona; Outpost24 and Paraply Produktion AB. Contract signing with additional tenant is planned during the month of March.

“Outpost24`s head office is located in Karlskrona and since 2016 the move to current premises, the business has grown from 20 to over 60 employees. With the new premises in the World Trade Center, we create scope for continued growth, ” says Martin Henricson, CEO at Outpost24.

Umbrella has since 2017 been involved in the design of a completely new meeting place in the house, together with OBOS Kärnhem and the architect office FOJAB. The business Umbrella will operate in the WTC will comprise several environments and various events will be arranged on an ongoing basis.

- It feels great that we get the opportunity to tailor and draw our new environments right from the ground up, says Robin Åkerman, CEO of Umbrella.

WTC Karlskrona is expected to be inauguration by the end of 2020. WTC Karlskrona will be an environmentally adapted and energy-efficient office building that will be environmentally certified.

“Karlskrona's goal is to grow and be an attractive and obvious choice whether it is to establish a company or move here. Therefore, it is gratifying that companies like OBOS Kärnhem share our optimism about a growing and attractive Karlskrona and choose to invest in our municipality, ”says Sandra Bizzozero, chairman of the municipal board of Karlskrona.

Total contractor for the construction of WTC Karlskrona will be JSB Construction AB. JSB currently has seven offices around Sweden, but the roots of the company are in Blekinge, which makes it extra fun to ensure that the region continues to grow.

- We are incredibly proud to be involved in the development of the new district of Pottholmen and it feels very safe and fun to cooperate with OBOS Kärnhem, says Andreas Karlsson, construction manager JSB.

-We are proud of our contribution to the development of Karlskrona's business community. The city has a strategically good location and the World Trade Center creates good opportunities for the important trade around the Baltic Sea, Malin Svensson concludes.

Read more about the World Trade Center Karlskrona wtckarlskrona.se or the World Trade Center Association

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