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Vodafone Portugal and Ericsson team up for the 5th Big Cities Competition

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

In terms of smart cities, one of the most important elements is creating an environment for positive citizen engagement.

There are people who have a lot of great ideas, but maybe they simply don’t have the funding necessary for it. For a great smart city development, everybody should have a chance to project their ideas, especially if it’s for the help of the city they are residing in. Entrepreneurs, or just people with great ideas, this is your chance!

The fifth edition of the Big Smart Cities competition, with prizes of up to €20,000, has officially started. The contest, organised by Vodafone Portugal and Ericsson (Sweden) will look for startups that present the best smart cities ideas in any field, especially mobility, participation and inclusion, tourism, quality of life or environment.

The contest is open for entry and will have its final round on 11th July 2017, with the winner receiving €10,000, six months of acceleration at Vodafone Power Lab and a visit to Ericsson’s innovation centre in Sweden.

You can sign up here. Big up, smart people!


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