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Triangulum – The 3 Point Project

Over the past few weeks we have been publishing a series of articles about different H2020 projects, today we are taking a closer look at Triangulum, this project is also referred to as The Three Point Project, the three points are: demonstrate, disseminate and replicate. The aim is to show the effectiveness of the solutions through lighthouse cities, to then spread the word and have more cities and countries imitate the behaviour, until Europe becomes a smarter continent.

This is a 5-year ongoing project which started on February 2015 and will continue until January 2020. It has a total budget of more than €29 million and it is being coordinated in by the Fraunhofer Institute, under an innovation action funding scheme. The idea behind this project is to test a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) initially in three cities: Stavanger (Norway), Manchester (England) and Eindhoven (Netherlands). The lesson learnt and solutions are then to be replicated by the follower cities of Prague (Czech Republic), Leipzig (Germany), and Sabadell (Spain).

It is expected to have a positive impact on a population of over 1 million inhabitants across all 6 cities, addressing the needs each cities presents and making more progress in the transitional progress towards becoming smart cities. 

The three points of Triangulum

As stated before, Triangulum has a three-point approach with primary goal is to accelerate the development of cities into smart cities. The three points of Triangulum are:

Demonstrate: For the first stage of the project, smart solutions will be developed and implemented in the three lighthouse cities. These solutions include: integration of infrastructure, sustainable urban mobility, use of electric vehicles, reduction of energy consumption, intelligent energy management and increase of renewable energies.

Disseminate: Once the solutions have been tested in real-world environments in the lighthouse cities there will be a lot of lessons that have been learnt. What worked? What did not work? The positive aspects of the solutions will then we disseminated to the 3 follower cities for further testing.

Replicate: The last stage of the three-point process is to show successful replication of the solutions, allowing for the acceleration of the smart city development.

You can find out more information about Triangulum on their website: http://triangulum-project.eu/

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