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This is how the municipalities' needs look into energy and climate work

The municipalities in Norrbotten all have different conditions and their own driving forces in the energy and climate work. During autumn 2018 when Energy Office Norr was out and interviewed the municipalities in the pre-study preStratus, we met with officials, administration managers and politicians. We were told that many municipalities had similar needs and challenges to work more structured with energy and climate. The Energy Office has now made a summary of the needs identified.

The purpose of Energy Office Norr's pre-study preStratus was to find out if the municipalities in Norrbotten had further need for support in the energy and climate work. All municipalities participated in our survey and came up with many examples of what they needed help with, clearly stated that they all felt the need for strengthened resources and help ahead. The needs areas that were lifted were, for example, support in the goal setting and the development of action plans, as well as support in the follow-up of implemented initiatives.

All municipalities wanted to strengthen their sustainability work on transport, primarily focused on electricity, and the work of producing their own solel. Many raised problems in commuting through public transport and the need for better connections. It became clear that electricity was the transport area that most wanted support within. Here, also issues related to the problem of procurement and financing of new sustainable transport solutions came up.

According to project manager Isabella Katsimenis at Energikontor Norr, the feasibility study has been very successful: - The most gratifying thing about the feasibility study was the tangible commitment out in the municipalities. Many times when we came to the municipal meeting, 10-15 people sat and waited for us, a mix of officials, administration managers and politicians. Everyone with a great commitment and a positive attitude to working on energy and climate issues!

The Energy Office has summed up the need for support in the strategic work of the municipalities in a project application under the name Stratus.  - We hope in a future project to get the chance to support the participating municipalities further on the needs that have been stated, explains Isabella Katsimenis at Energy Office Norr.

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