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The Water Vision - a research and innovation agenda for the water sector is now being launched

IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet has, together with other actors in the water sector, developed a nationally based, strategic research and innovation agenda for the water sector in Sweden. It is called the Water Vision and will create sustainable water services for good health and good environment.

- The vision is that Swedish research through innovation and collaboration between the water sector's various actors will create sustainable and globally competitive water services, products and system solutions for good health and the environment, both in Sweden and the world, says Klara Westling at IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet, one of the report authors.

The water vision will create the conditions for innovative and sustainable solutions to Swedish and global water challenges, increase opportunities for EU funding and be a guide for financing Swedish research and innovation in water and sewage supply. It will strengthen Sweden's international competitiveness in the water area and contribute to increasing Swedish companies' export opportunities. It also caters to politicians at various levels and to officials in ministries and authorities centrally, regionally and locally. In 2019, the Water Vision was updated with a milestone for the year 2030.

"In order for us to approach our long-term vision, we have set a number of goals for the water sector that show where we should be in 2030. The focus is on safe drinking water supply, climate and environmentally adapted stormwater solutions and climate and resource-efficient waste water management," says Klara Westling.

Water vision includes water supply and sewage treatment for households and businesses, as well as handling of storm water from hard surfaces in cities and other settlements. The water vision should be seen as a basic document and a departure for the continued cooperation between public actors, business, universities, colleges, research institutes and other organizations in the innovation system for sustainable water services.

The water vision will be presented at the Water Meeting in Örebro on May 14, 2019. The work has been financed by the Swedish Innovation Authority Vinnova.


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