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The city of Cluj is Marching Forward towards its Smart City Goal

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Romania has had a lot of difficulties in the past. And some of the people in it are still haunted by the memories of communism, but while some cities still continue to dwell on the past, there are others who have refused to and are looking into the future.

The smart city concept is slowly entering the South-Eastern European country, with some cities already making relevant progress. Today, we are going to talk about the city of Cluj, which has recently launched an app which helps citizens schedule appointments in regards to public services.

Calendis has been launched recently and already has an approximate number of ten thousand active users. How does it work? It is a software made in Cluj, easy to use and composed of two complementary products: a business solution and a citizen platform.

For businesses, the app works as an activity management instrument, with the possibility of administering the schedules for employees or their client base. Furthermore, you can watch closely how these two entities interact with each other. Every employee can make his or her own appointments, while the employer can watch the occupation rate. Also, the business tool has a marketing component which helps you to send newsletters or text messages in order to promote your business.

The benefits citizens have are focused on an easier way of making appointments at let’s say, beauty salons or tennis courts or at the doctor. The point is, the people behind this app are trying their best to partner up with lots of city facilities and companies so the users can forget about making phone calls and with just one click make their bookings.

This is only one of the innovations that have happened in the city of Cluj. A lot of foreigner’s voices are vouching for the city to be the next big thing in Eastern Europe – let’s not forget that Romania also has one of the fastest internet speeds in the whole of  Europe.

The heart of Transylvania, as some would call it, has also been dubbed as the European Silicon Valley in recent years, given the affinity many IT corporation have for the city. This and an open-minded Mayor have been the catalysts for the recent smart developments across the city.


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