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SynchroniCity – the project for delivering a Digital Single Market for Europe

A new European project that had its kick-start in January has the sole goal of delivering a Digital Single Market of smart cities for Europe and more, with the help of the Internet of Things.

The project developed by 34 public and private organizations, NGOs and academia starts in winter 2017 with the intention of finish in autumn 2019. It aims at providing opportunities for industries, SMEs and cities.


By piloting IoT in cities at an exceptionally large scale. The first cities in Europe serving as reference zone for the first piloting are Antwerp, Carouge, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Manchester, Milan, Porto and Santander. In worldwide terms, there are four other cities from the following countries – Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and the US – joining the first phase, as to increase the impact by enhancing the global reach.

SynchroniCity’s aim is to build an environment of evidence-based solutions that can easily be replicated so that other regions can benefit. The activities cover a wide spectrum of areas, like mobility, parking, and air quality.

The piloting focuses on how to build trust between companies and citizens so that they actively participate in finding common co-created IoT solutions for cities.

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