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Swish opens up the market for charging electric cars

Swish now enables an opening in the market for charging electric cars. Previously, different company apps, charge cards or subscriptions for charging have been required.Atrium Ljungberg in Sickla is the first to offer swish payment through Eway's charging stations.

The 6.5 million that have Swishappen can now easily charge their electric car via Eway's charging stations. Only scan the QR code, sign with BankID and then start charging directly. First off to offer Swish payment to charging stations is Atrium Ljungberg in Sickla's shopping area with 192 charging sockets, distributed among different garages and the outdoor parking at Sickla square.

- It started to be used immediately. As soon as the charging stations were set up with Swish, people understood how they would do, says Jonas Törnell, purchasing manager at Atrium Ljungberg.

In January, 24,000 kilowatt hours were charged over 3,000 occasions in Sickla, equivalent to 120,000 kilometers of mileage. Which is an average monthly increase of 250 percent compared to 2018.

- Filling the car's battery costs in Sickla between SEK 10-30 depending on the car model and charging effect, says Niclas Sahlgren, founder and CEO of Eways.

- We have noticed that we attract our customers and tenants to switch to more modern charging hybrid cars or electric cars when we set up more charging stations. Demand increases as we expand, says Jonas Törnell, purchasing manager at Atrium Ljungberg.

The growth of hybrid and electric cars has been 52 percent in recent years. Today there are about 70,000 electric cars in Sweden, of which 72 percent are hybrids and 28 percent are pure electric cars.

- We hope to positively influence society's transition to fossil-free cars. This is done by simplifying charging, as well as getting more real estate companies, municipalities and cities that offer public charging stations. With Swish it becomes easy to charge and then charging becomes a new source of income for real estate companies and other players who want to establish charging, says Niclas Sahlgren, founder and CEO of Eways.


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