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Spectacular plans for Nordkapp, Honningsvåg and Bergen

Together with local actors, Hurtigruten launches spectacular plans in several places along the Norwegian coast. At Nordkapp and in Honningsvåg new jobs and unique local experiences will be created. In Bergen, the goal is to gather the leading marine environments in the world and create a new green district.

- When we now launch large development plans for Bergen, Nordkapp and Honningsvåg together with local partners, it is because we believe that these destinations - which are Norway's most famous attractions - still have enormous potential. We will not only present fjords and mountains, we will allow visitors to participate in the local community, study the world's foremost research on the sea, experience modern fishing facilities and high quality tourism experiences, where the environment and sustainability are the focus, says Hurtigruten's CEO Daniel Skjeldam.

On Tuesday, Hurtigruten presented the plans for several projects along the Norwegian coast together with local actors:

- A large-scale project in Bergen together with the Institute of Marine Research, where the plan is to gather research, ocean industries, housing and vibrant city life in the new planned district of Dokken. The aquarium in Bergen is also invited into the project.

- An extensive new venture in Nordkapp, among others with Cape Fish. The goal is to build a new quay, adventure center and a restaurant with local produce around a fish reception in the municipality - in addition to the adventure center, restaurant and hotel on the North Cape itself.


Finnmark: Northern Cape experiences and fishing cooperation

Hurtigruten is the operator that definitely brings the most visitors to North Cape. In 2018, the company with 193,000 guests came to Honningsvåg and sold 63,000 excursions - the vast majority to the plateau itself.

- In order to further develop Nordkapp, large tourism projects must have a local foundation. The collaboration between Cape Fish and Hurtigruten is a perfect example of this. A link between fishing and tourism will create significant ripple effects both locally and nationally, says Cape Fish Director Bjørn-Ronald Olsen.

Cape Fish is a local fishery company which in recent years has also invested in the travel industry with its own hotel in Honningsvåg. Now they will work with Hurtigruten to build a new quay for Hurtigruten's daily calls, an adventure center for tourists, a restaurant with local produce and the development of the hotel in Honningsvåg.


North Cape: Large investments and new jobs

On the Nordkapp plateau itself, Hurtigruten plans to build a terrain-adapted signal building. Discreetly built up and with natural materials, the plan is that the building will contain a new experience center for Nordkapp, a restaurant with local produce, specially adapted excursions in collaboration with local suppliers, and a hotel with few but exclusive rooms.

The entire Hurtigruten's new North Cape plant will be open year-round.

- We will focus on local workplaces, local raw materials, local partners and local value creation. Such an investment Hurtigruten now proposes will not only be important for Nordkapp, but for the whole region, says Hurtigruten chief Daniel Skjeldam - who adds that an investment in Honningsvåg depends on the realization of the plans at North Cape.

- We bring guests to the world's most beautiful places, from the Arctic and the Northwest Passage to Antarctica and South America. But few places can compare to North Cape. The area deserves a proper boost in quality, and the municipality and the local population deserve far greater ripple effects, says Skjeldam.

Bergen: A brand new district

In Bergen, Hurtigruten and the Marine Research Institute (HI) presented plans for how the district Dokken can become. The Bergen Aquarium is also invited into the project, which will create a vibrant district with activity for much of the day, a meeting point for the world's leading marine environments and a sustainable experience center for both the local population and tourism.

- At Dokken we have a unique opportunity to gather marine research, ocean industries, homes and vibrant city life - and thus create a neighborhood where it is pleasant to stay, even after working hours. It is great to be able to present concrete plans together with a central player such as Hurtigruten, says Marine Research Director Sissel Rogne - who says that much has been done with innovative and innovative ideas for Dokken lately.

Bergen is the world's sea capital

- With this development of the Dokken, Bergen will consolidate its position as the world's sea capital. Here we will gather the leading marine environments - including the Hurtigruten - in one place. In addition, we will ensure the development of Bergen, which provides both sustainable growth and large local values, ”says Hurtigruten's CEO Daniel Skjeldam (pictured).


Some of the highlights of the plans of the Institute of Marine Research (HI) and Hurtigruten are:

- A living district with workplaces, residents and experiences centered around the sea.

- Cafes and restaurants based on local produce, ensuring activity from morning to night.

- A world-class adventure center, for both locals, school classes and tourism, where the Aquarium in Bergen is invited as part of the project.

- Snow harbor with daily calls to Hurtigruten's environmentally friendly ships as an integral part of the district, where guests who start or end the journey with the Aquarium, research and offers in the new district as part of the experience.

- A green and accessible district with environmentally friendly solutions in both architecture and infrastructure, from HI's planned "cosmos" for ecosystems, to Hurtigruten's shore power plant and electric buses. All goods transport to both Hurtigruten's ships and other businesses must be electrically and collectively below ground level.

- Here we think urban development in a whole new way. The whole area should be open and accessible to the public, with a good mix of housing, industry, research and tourism. Together we will create a green and electric district. The dock should not only be a role model for the rest of Bergen, but for cities around the world, says Skjeldam.   


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