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Since December 2016, Israel has Green Taxis on its Roads

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Carbon emissions are known to provoke respiratory disease. It is a known fact that the pollution from diesel engines contributes to the greenhouse effect, the one everyone has been talking about from the last few decades.

It is in our hands to do something to try to decrease the level of carbon emissions. One of the best ways would be to completely give up our cars, which is not possible, considering the increasing need for vehicles in all industries. So what has been left is to try to develop alternatives to diesel engines.

One of them is the use of electric cars, a trend which has started to soar in a lot of cities worldwide.

The use of green vehicles is also taking place in Israel. A new initiative concerning the use of green taxis was launched last December.

Practically, 1,500 hybrid taxis have been purchased and offered to drivers willing to take on the challenge and make money using green methods.

Practically, “the environmentally friendly hybrid taxi will bring about a direct reduction in air pollution and thereby contribute to protecting public health.” – said Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin.

An approximate number of 22,000 taxis are currently on the roads of Israel, with many located in the urban spaces of the country. The carbon emissions endanger the life of the citizens, which is why this initiative is something they have probably been nothing but happy about.

Congratulations, Israel!


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