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Satellite 2017 Startup Space Pitch Competition Winner Announced

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Grand Prize of the Startup Space Pitch competition at the Satellite 2017 Awards Reception went to Astrapi Corporation for its innovative technology and business strategy.

Astrapi entered the competition with Spiral Modulation, an innovative approach providing satellite communications service providers with dramatic spectral efficiency gains, new coherent interference mitigation techniques and power optimization flexibility in order to meet their customers’ increasing demand for more data throughput alongside other communication benefits.

For many reasons, satellite communications is a great fit for Spiral Modulation. Power and bandwidth constraints combined with a challenging operating environment create a demand for the advanced capabilities of our novel waveform. We are extremely excited to have won the Grand Prize, particularly considering the high level of competition. It is especially rewarding since this was the inaugural Startup Space competition.” said Dr. Jerrold Prothero, Astrapi Founder and CEO.

Spiral Modulation opens the door to much higher spectral efficiencies than were previously thought possible and may be applied to increasing the spectral efficiency of traditional signal modulation techniques with minimal re-design to existing radio architecture design.


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