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Region Stockholm is changing its climate work

Heat records are struck year after year and extreme weather events such as fires and storms become more common. At the same time, the commitment to the climate has never been as great as now. When young people all over the world are serious about school strike, politics need to respond.

Today, Stockholm will make a decision on a climate road map. The first for the region and the first of its kind in Sweden. The goal is a Stockholm region without climate impact.

- The climate is a matter of fate for humanity and now we are raising our ambition in the climate work for the Stockholm region. Region Stockholm is now taking responsibility for ensuring that the entire Stockholm region is able to take precedence over climate work, says Malin Fijen Pacsay (MP) chairman of the climate committee.

The Regional Development Plan (RUFS 2050) has set the goal that the Stockholm region will reach net zero emissions by 2045, and both direct and indirect emissions per inhabitant should in principle be halved by 2030 compared with 2014. At the same time, energy use must be made more efficient and energy production become completely renewable. Based on these goals, the Climate Roadmap points out a way forward with priorities and about 30 examples of measures.

- The transport sector and the buildings are the biggest climate challenges for the Stockholm region. We already have a fossil-free bus service and rail traffic as the first capital in the world. Through the expansion of public transport that is now taking place, a region is being built where more people have the opportunity to travel climate-smart and do not have to take the car. At the same time, the climate impact from the buildings needs to be reduced through energy efficiency and the expansion of renewable energy.

In the Stockholm Stock Exchange's new political organisation, for the first time, there is now a separate preparation for the regional climate work. During the year, a climate office will be established within the growth and regional planning administration. In this way, Region Stockholm will increase the pace of driving and be able to play a coherent role in regional climate work.

- To succeed, we must make it easy to do the right thing and everyone must be helped. We need help from authorities to companies and individuals. Strengthened collaboration between state, region, municipalities, companies and other actors is therefore absolutely necessary to achieve the climate goals, says Malin Fijen Pacsay.

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