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Public utility climate pilots pave the way for fossil-free construction

Now Allmännyttan's climate initiative has taken the first step towards an industry standard for calculating the climate impact from construction. Nine pilot projects are now starting to count on carbon dioxide emissions from their buildings.

- Reducing the climate impact from housing construction is a fatal issue. But we are not just talking about it, now we are doing a workshop and will start to set climate requirements in the procurement for real, says Sofia Heintz, new production expert at Sweden's Public Utility.

Nine public utility housing companies with ongoing construction projects from Malmö in the south to Sundsvall in the north have been appointed test pilots. The assignment is to draw up a climate declaration of an actual building, and then be able to propose climate requirements that are reasonable to place in procurement.

- All pilot companies also have a construction contractor in the project, which guarantees that the work will be firmly rooted in the industry. It is also very good that both large and small entrepreneurs are involved. And one of the projects is a Kombohus, ”says Sofia Heintz.

The test pilots are part of the Climate Requirements at Reasonable Cost project, a unique collaboration project within Allmännyttan's climate initiative where Sweden's Allmännytta works together with the credit institution Kommuninvest and IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet with the goal of paving the way for the fossil-free construction industry.

- These pilot projects may become the core of the construction industry's green transition, says Svante Axelsson, national coordinator for Fossil-free Sweden.

Developing reasonable ambitions that can affect both upcoming legislation and public procurement can create enormous pressure for change, he believes.

- The construction sector accounts for 20 per cent of Sweden's emissions, as much as passenger car traffic. Many people do not know it, says Svante Axelsson.

The climate impact of building a modern apartment building is as great as the house's operating energy for 50 years.

The test pilots will use the Construction Sector's environmental calculation tool developed by IVL, which will enable a non-expert to produce a climate declaration for a building.

The experience of the test pilots will in the next year lead to a general guide to climate requirements in the procurement of new manufactured housing.

The project also aims to set a standard for life-cycle-based climate requirements in the financing of new housing. Kommuninvest, which, through so-called green loans, finances many energy-efficient housing projects in the public utility, wants to develop the requirements to take into account both energy performance in operation and climate effects from the construction process.

Read more about climate requirements for suppliers within Allmännyttan's climate initiative: https://www.sverigesallmannytta.se/hallbarhet/allmannyttans-klimatinitiativ/fokusomrade-2-krav-pa- suppliers/

Read more about the pilot project: https://www.sverigesallmannytta.se/hallbarhet/allmannyttans-klimatinitiativ/pilotprojekt-klimat requirements-in- Procurement-for-real-cost/


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