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Plans for the World’s First Floating Underwater Tunnel Revealed by Norway

Norway is planning to build the world’s first floating underwater tunnel, promising to reduce the 21 hours spent travelling from Kristiansand and Trondheim to 10.5 hours.

The 1,094km distance currently requires seven ferry trips across the fjords encountered on the way and authorities want to reduce the need for embarking on the ferry.

The idea of a typical bridge is off the table since most of the waterways are wide and deep, one of the largest is nearly 1.5km deep. Due to these inconveniences, the Norwegian authorities are considering building a unique bridge, an underwater floating bridge.

The new tunnel will be appx. 26.7km long and will be situated 100 meters below sea level. In addition to the main tunnel, there will be an arm up to Kvitsøy with a length of appx. 4km.

The new infrastructure project will cost €23 billion and is scheduled to start construction this year – if all the feasibility test results are positive

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