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Over €50mil for water and sewage supply in Härryda

An early sketch of the planned waterworks in Hindås which is an important cog for Härryda to become self-sufficient in drinking water. Illustration: Sweco

Härryda is rich in lakes but not self-sufficient in water. To secure the growing municipality's need for drinking water and sewage, the City Council of Härryda Municipality decided yesterday to approve the largest infrastructure investment so far.

After a long and intense debate on Thursday, the City Council said yes to investments of just over €50mil (SEK 547 million) to strengthen the capacity of the municipality's water and wastewater. The money is invested in a new waterworks in Hindås, a new high reservoir and a new intake station for raw water from adjacent Västra Nedsjön, which will also be Härryda's main water supply in the future.

The investment also includes 16 kilometers of water and sewage pipes that connect the western and eastern parts of the municipality. That work has already started.

- This venture is for the entire municipality. It is crucial to be able to develop all our localities that we secure water supply and that all municipal wastewater can be brought down to Gryaab in Gothenburg in the long term, ”says Per Vorberg, the municipality's chairman (M).

The capacity enhancement means that Härryda municipality takes into account future growth with more companies and a close doubled population up to 2050. Not least Landvetter with the new sustainable society Landvetter southern and the area for trade and logistics Airport City.

- A new waterworks in Hindås in eastern Härryda means that we can allocate supply and demand for municipal water throughout the municipality and are not dependent on buying water from neighboring municipalities. We will also be able to offer safe water supply for new connections and unforeseen events, ”says Jessica Sténhoff, Operations Manager for Water and Waste.

The entire project must be completed by the end of 2022 at the latest when the waterworks in Hindås are in operation. The investment cost is allocated to subscribers who already have or will join municipal water andsewage. The VA tariff is increased and is based on real costs.


Härryda municipality is part of the Gothenburg region (GR). We are located between Gothenburg and Borås with Landvetter Airport in the middle of the municipality. Härryda municipality has several nature reserves and is rich in woodland and lakes.

Nearly 2,700 municipal employees serve a population of just under 38,000 inhabitants with schools, elderly care and cultural activities. Härryda municipality works hard for an attractive business climate. We become more residents when a completely new, sustainable society for 25,000 inhabitants in southern Landvetter is finished. 

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