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Nokia is Building its Smart City Solutions and Initiatives

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Do you remember the most famous Nokia phone? The one that seemed it could survive everything, including a possible zombie apocalypse? That phone is part of my childhood and many others I am sure. Nokia has now settled at being good at what is supposed to: technology.

Nowadays, the Nordic tech-giant is looking into smart cities implementation. Its first move was to develop a platform called IMPACT aka Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things, so to serve in the management of IoT systems in smart cities. What advantage does Nokia have? It can supply the equipment necessary for the implementation.

The company is also pushing a discussion and shares ideas regarding smart cities. They have recently released a document which outlines steps that municipalities can take to ensure that what are they developing will work for everyone. The central theme of this is, according to Nokia, the usage of data to personalise cities to the inhabitants liking.

The tech giant also suggests that an overarching government authority should lead the efforts. It could result in a unified platform for all cities.

As the idea of a smart city is becoming more and more mainstream, it is necessary for governments to correctly know the most efficient ways of developing the strategies. And what better advisor on the IoT sector could be, if not tech companies which are looking forward to lending their services for the benefits of the residents?


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