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Municipalities are leading the transition to fossil-free transport

Municipalities and regions in eastern central Sweden use renewable fuels to a greater extent than the national average. It shows a new statistical report that clarifies the public actors' work on the transition to more fossil-free and efficient transports. In 2017, the proportion of renewable fuels including electricity increased to 35 percent, compared to 29 percent the previous year. Sala municipality had 60 per cent renewable fuel in its vehicle fleet, which is best for all project participants.

The project Fossilfritt 2030 - Fossil-free and efficient transport in eastern central Sweden  brings together and highlights the municipalities that want to act as an example and thereby also accelerate and support the conversion of business and private persons into more sustainable transports. As part of the project, the report Transports in eastern Central Sweden 2017 is now being launched . The report shows the status of the project participants one year into the project and is the first update in a series of annual reports during the project period.

On average, 35 per cent of the participating organisations' fuel use of renewable origin was 2017, which was significantly higher than the national average of 21 per cent. It is therefore clear that active work produces results.

However, the proportion of renewable fuels varies between the organisations, from 16 to 60 per cent, but it has increased in all reported cases. The top listings go to Sala, Eskilstuna, Region Uppsala, Uppsala municipality, Vingåker and Arboga, which makes it clear that both large and small organisations can carry out successful work in the transition to fossil freedom.

The County Administrative Board of Västmanland County is the project owner for the investment funded by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth through the European Regional Development Fund. The project is run in collaboration with the county administrative boards in Uppsala and Södermanland County and the large regional collaboration platform BioDriv East. The County Governor of Södermanland County is proud of the public actors' work.

- It is really gratifying that the municipalities and regions, through a successful work, show the way in the transition to fossil-free transport, says Liselott Hagberg.

The majority of the transports in the organisations take place with diesel. By choosing the diesel that has the highest involvement of renewable, a large difference can be achieved, as the proportion of renewable varies from 5 to 50 percent. After diesel, the biogas vehicles are the most. For those municipalities that have access to gas tank stations, large amounts of fossil fuels can be replaced relatively quickly, as there are relatively plenty of gas vehicles in all segments from small passenger cars to large trucks and buses. Ethanol vehicles account for almost the same proportion as the gas vehicles, but in recent years many ethanol vehicles have been replaced by diesel vehicles. In most organisations, it is the national environmental car definition that governs vehicle purchases. Thus, in recent years, the vehicle fleet has been directed towards diesel cars, which has led to an increased proportion of fossil fuels in the tank.

Electric cars today constitute a small part of the participating organisations' vehicles. However, the proportion of electric vehicles is expected to increase as several municipalities have plans to set up their own charging stations and to purchase electric vehicles.

- As part of the project, we support the municipalities in the concrete transition and assist, for example, in the work on grant applications for charging stations, gas tank stations and vehicles for the so-called Climate Climate. We are now looking forward with excitement to the statistical report for 2018 when the project participants have already come even further in the last year, ”says Björn Isaksson, project manager at BioDriv East.

Download the report  here .

Read more about the project  here .


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