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Lisbon is the safest capital with the best quality of life in southern Europe

This is what a study by consulting firm Mercer, which analysed 231 cities from all continents, reveals.

According to a study released by consulting firm Mercer , Lisbon is the safest capital of Europe with a better quality of life. In this way, the Portuguese capital rises 12 positions in the "safety" indicator and one in the "quality of life" ranking. 

Compared to 2015, in the global list of cities with the best quality of life Lisbon appears in 2019 in 37th place, above Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London or New York. Already in the list of security, the city now occupies the 31st position, ahead of cities like Paris, Dublin or Barcelona. 

"We are going through an economic stable time, with international investment, a relatively low unemployment rate and encouraging results for, for example, exports," said Tiago Borges, leader of Mercer's Rewards area | Jason Associates, quoted by Business newspaper. According to the official, "the quality of life of the Portuguese capital has been evolving in every way, making Lisbon an international option."

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