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Increase your knowledge about the indoor climate

Lindab Innovation Hub focuses on the indoor climate with a mini fair at Mindpark in Helsingborg. The purpose is to increase knowledge about the indoor climate. - We want to create an awareness and make people reflect on how important it is, says Nicklas Friberg, Head of Lindab Innovation Hub.

As Sweden's leading company in ventilation and indoor climate, Lindab wants to work to educate people about the indoor environment. With the help of its innovation hub, a mini fair is arranged at Mindpark to involve more people on the issue. 

- We people are very aware of what we are stopping in for food and drink and we often talk about the air outdoors. But in fact, indoor air can be even more dangerous if you do not have the right ventilation, ”says Camilla Andreasson, Concept Manager for Lindab Innovation Hub.

The fair will run for a month starting March 8 and ending with a workshop. There Lindab will create a dialogue about what one can do to improve the indoor air. 

- It is often about very simple solutions and it can be enough to clean the ventilation or change filters. As an individual, you do not know how to influence and we want to change that, ”says Nicklas Friberg.

Nicklas Friberg believes that greater knowledge of the indoor environment can increase the standard of living and reduce both allergies and diseases. 

- No one would accept having bad water at home. Should the water be brown and smell bad, you would complain like just that. When it comes to indoor air, one complains at most that it is a little too hot or a little too cold and in the end nothing is done about it anyway, says Nicklas Friberg. 

In the vicinity of Mindpark there is Campus Helsingborg and 75 different companies are based at Mindpark. We hope that both the university's students and the company's employees will be interested in the fair and this important topic. 

"The message is very important for both groups, bad indoor climate affects health, creativity and productivity and it affects both those who go to school and work in offices," says Camilla Andreasson.

The fair is free and open to everyone and Lindab is clear that they do not have a specific target group, it is important to create knowledge and interest among as many people as possible.

- We are all affected by the indoor climate and therefore we must get the discussion started with everyone. After all, it is a health issue, concludes Nicklas Friberg.

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