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How do you Feel about Electric Motorbikes?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

A San Francisco-based startup has recently created the world’s first cloud-connected electric motorbike called simply the M1. How does this work, exactly?

The M1 electric motorbike is a ‘two-wheeled Tesla’, a bike with motorcycle-like capabilities and has the same cost as a Vespa, but with a unique style that urban dwellers crave. The best part? You don’t need a license to ride it.

At Monday Motorbikes, we have created the world’s first electric bicycle with motorcycle capabilities. The M1 is fully electric, connected to the cloud and is smartphone integrated. M1 owners can even put a passcode on their smartphone to start their motorbike, and each bike comes equipped with a USB charger, along with a companion app that connects via Bluetooth. It’s a smart bike that can get you as far as 50 miles without any fuel or spin of the pedals. It’s also small enough to park on a sidewalk, yet fast enough to drive on a city road and keep up with traffic. The implementation of some of the latest technologies into the classic motorcycle experience brings a new paradigm for ownership.’ said Josh Rasmussen, CEO and Co-Founder of Monday Motorbikes.

What does it mean? It means that we could have a very smart means of transportation. The M1 does not need any fuel, which can be very beneficial in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions and, if used widely, it could contribute to better air quality for city residents.

Moreover, the cloud-connected concept behind Monday Motorbikes can revolutionise urban transportation. In the midst of the smart cities revolution, which relies on IoT technology and connected devices in all their municipal assets, including transportation, the first electric motorbike is pretty relevant.

The Monday Motorbikes team bravely recognised the benefits a cloud-connected motorbike could bring to urban transportation, so they chose to develop hybrid bikes so to connect them to the Internet for fleet management and various other benefits. For example, the M1 is capable of communicating with the ‘outside world’ – it can connect directly with service centres, which means the owners of such bikes can now about possible issues before they occur. Also, the data on the M1’s motor and battery performance can be seen from anywhere, so we can be kept up to date.

Furthermore, they are also working on applying the cloud infrastructure to prevent bike theft. If everything goes according to plan, M1 owners can track their vehicles through the cloud.

‘The technology we are developing extends well beyond urban motorbikes. It has the capability to change the landscape of how vehicles communicate in a smart city,’ stated Dr Nathan Jauvtis, Monday Motorbikes Founder.

The rise of smart cities needs to be supported by every aspect a city has. In terms of transportation, it has to expand and develop daily, just to keep up with the continual rise in populations. If cities continue to become smarter, it’s only a matter of time until transportation systems follow suit.

It’s just the way things are supposed to be!

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