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Green electricity saves Kumla municipality over €1million

Thanks to the investments in wind power at the municipal-owned energy company KumBro Vind, Örebro and Kumla municipality saved over €1 million last year.

Kumla and Örebro Municipality's joint wind power company In 2018, KumBro Vind was able to save the municipalities SEK 11.4 million. The costs are kept down due to the fact that the electricity is produced at a fixed price. The fact that KumBro Vind increases the amount of electricity from wind power is also a prerequisite for Kumla municipality to achieve its sustainability goals. Only in 2018 KumBro Vind delivered 91.6 GWh of green electricity, which has reduced emissions by a total of 32 700 tonnes of co2.

-It is important to see KumBro Vind as part of a whole. We are owned by the municipal citizens and our aim is to create benefits for them. A separate energy production from wind keeps costs down and contributes to reduced climate emissions, says Peter Lilja, CEO of KumBro Vind.

In Kumla municipality, the value of using self-produced electricity is emphasized in order to achieve the municipality's environmental goals.

-In 2020, Kumla municipality will be self-sufficient on renewable electricity. KumBro Vind is a prerequisite for achieving that goal and basically it is about taking a responsibility to leave a more climate-smart world to our children and grandchildren, ”says Katarina Hansson, chairman of the municipal council in Kumla municipality.

KumBro Vind AB owns 16 wind turbines in various wind farms around the country, three of which are located in Ekeby in Kumla municipality. The company is part of the KumBro Group, which is 80% owned by Örebro municipality and 20% by Kumla municipality. The Group is working on sustainability issues within green energy and technical supply. The parent company KumBro Utveckling AB currently comprises projects in wind power and technical supply of fiber networks. The company also owns 50 percent of the Biogas company in Mellansverige AB, where the remaining share is owned by Karlskoga municipality.


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