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Gothenburg gets a hot assignment from the European Commission

50% of Europe's energy consumption consists of heat and cooling. In order to achieve the climate goals, a comprehensive adjustment to get away from fossil energy sources, such as coal and gas, is necessary. According to a decision by the European Commission, the Gothenburg-led project Celsius Initiative continues to have the confidence to drive and accelerate this development in European cities.

"The fact that we win a bid from the European Commission not only means an opportunity to support more cities in Europe, but also an important indication that the European Commission is behind the initiative," says Katrina Folland at Johanneberg Science Park, who leads the project.

The Celsius Initiative is the continuation of the successful EU project CELSIUS, which was led by the City of Gothenburg and Gothenburg Energy between 2013 and 2017, and built demonstration plants in district heating and district cooling in five European cities. Among other things, a pilot plant was built to heat housing with heat from the London Underground.

- For Gothenburg, CELSIUS meant increased international visibility and strengthened external surveillance, which contributed positively to the work with the city's own goals. Therefore, it is very gratifying that Gothenburg continues to take a leadership role in this important future issue, says Gunilla Åkerström, who leads Gothenburg City's Innovation Program.

Since then, a partnership consisting of the City of Gothenburg through Johanneberg Science Park, RISE and IMCG, with the help of funding from the  Swedish Energy Agency and  EIT Climate KIC , has worked to enable CELSIUS network of over 70 cities and organizations to continue to collaborate and share knowledge throughout the area of ​​heat and cold. So now you also get green light directly from the  EU Commission, which supports the Celsius Initiative with SEK 6 million for three years.

- Energy-smart cities are a key to the climate and the investment in the Celsius Initiative enables continued work on projects that really reduce greenhouse gases. Now we can continue to support European cities with their energy conversion in order to achieve the UN's climate goals, ”says Magnus Andersson, Business Development Manager at IMCG.

- Need-driven innovation is important for energy conversion and for achieving UN climate goals. To succeed, we must be in the knowledge front and contribute to new innovation projects. Cities are important they can go before and show the way. Through the Celsius Initiative, we can support and enable deeper collaboration between the public sector, research and business to develop long-term sustainable solutions and help them to scale up and replicate on a large scale, ”says Monica Axell, Business Development Manager at RISE.

In the Celsius Initiative, the partnership is also strengthened by  Euroheat & Power, a European industry organization for district heating and district cooling based in Brussels.

- The work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from heat and cooling will require hard work if it is to succeed. By supporting and enabling cooperation between the two key players, the cities and the local energy markets, the European Commission makes an important contribution at a time when it is absolutely necessary. We are ready to start working! ”Says Paul Voss, CEO of Euroheat & Power.

Celsius Initiative

The Celsius Initiative is a collaboration hub for smart and sustainable energy systems, including heating and cooling. The Celsius Initiative gathers and shares technical, economic, social and political knowledge and expertise to support cities in their energy system transformation. The Celsus Initiative is the continuation of the European project CELSIUS and is financed by the EU Commission with SEK 6 million over three years. Partners are  Johanneberg Science Park, RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden, IMCG - Innovation Management and Communication Group and  Gothenburg City Environmental Management.

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