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Electric scooters - a big hit in Denmark

Updated: Mar 11, 2019


There is speed when the new electric scooters move forward in traffic. Since January of this year, it has been allowed to ride electric scooters, segboards and motorised skateboards on bicycle paths, and this is something many city dwellers have seen their eyes on.

And there is also a demand for demand - the new scooters with electric motor seem to be one of the year's big hit. Whether we rent them briefly or as ever more: Buy their own scooter and make the transport a little easier and a little greener than, for example, taking the car.

The search for electric scooters on Denmark's largest product and price comparison service PriceRunner has in recent weeks taken a big leap, and the most popular electric scooter is right up in the Top 20 of the most searched products in Denmark.

“Electric scooters will be a summer hit this year. It is very unusual for a new product to come up among the most sought-after products in Denmark in such a short time. It testifies to great interest in getting an electric scooter, and the interest has got a renewed strong push back now as it gets spring, ”says Martin Andersen, director of PriceRunner in Denmark.

It is the Xiaomi M365 impeller , which is a big hit with many Danes who want to move faster and easier in the traffic. The price of the scooter varies from 3090 kroner in the cheapest shop to 5696 kroner in the most expensive shop.

It is evident that it is the desire for a more green lifestyle among many city dwellers who break through here. Instead of the car or moped, the electric scooter has become a good alternative and at the same time helps to promote the desire to reduce the climate load when we let ourselves be transported around the city.

"If you're looking for an electric scooter, our best advice is to examine the market first and compare prices before you buy the scooter if you don't want to pay too much. Because there is always a lot of money to save by comparing prices, ”says Martin Andersen.

Some accidents

Driving an electric scooter up to 20 km / h can be dangerous. This shows a US report, which several media in Denmark have mentioned.

According to a Consumer Reports Consumer Report in the United States, more than 1,545 patients have been treated for injuries they have incurred while driving an electric scooter.

The damage includes everything from concussion to cranial fractures, bone fractures and deaths. There is no similar statistics in Denmark, but according to Ekstra Bladet, the Copenhagen emergency rooms experience an increase in injuries caused by driving on electric scooters. It is primarily solo issues reported on.

Nevertheless, safety equipment such as a helmet and knee / elbow protectors are not mandatory for use.

"However, we recommend everyone who invests in an electric scooter to also spend money on a helmet and for example knee and elbow protectors," says Martin Andersen.

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