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Digitalising the Future & Embracing Co-Creation – OrganiCity

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

OrganiCity, co-creating the smart cities of the future, pursues a new paradigm in the European vision of digital cities by focusing on the citizens as the main creators of innovative and sustainable urban services. Three cities, recognised for their initiatives in the use of digital solutions in the urban environment (Santander, London, and Aarhus) participate in the project in which a total of 15 partners are involved.

What does Organicity want to achieve?

This research project will be focussed on the the citizen, listening to their voices to know more about citizens lives in the city and to understand their needs. The consortium that makes up OrganiCity will develop tests of citizen-centered experimentation, as well as technological tools that allow for the co-creation of new services. Co-creation is an area where cities can create a lot of value, so it is refreshing to hear of a H2020 project that has this at its core.

Within the framework of the project two open calls will be made in which companies and organisations, including private initiatives, will be able to use the new services and create solutions that adapt to the needs of the citizens.

The first of these calls is focussed on Experimentation as a Service, the as a Service idea is one that has been spreading in different aspects related to business and cities (Software as a Service or Mobility as a Service for example), but this is the first time that we have heard of Experimentation as a Service. The first call is still open (until 31st August), if you would like to know more then you can find it here – http://organicity.eu/open-call/

A total of 100 project teams from all over Europe have been invited to develop their ideas in one of the cities participating in the project: Aarhus, London and Santander. Cities where the profile of their citizens is evolving from being a consumer of goods and services to producers capable of providing services and products to others. Cities where the protagonist is already this citizen: this project has the potential to be able to bridge the gap between the smart city and the smart citizen.

A key ambition of OrganiCity is to make the creation and design of technologies and services for cities more inclusive for citizens and communities. Its aim is to address the question of how smart cities can be forged based on the participation of citizens and communities rather than being designed solely by the visions of large corporations and local governments.

Instead of building a facility from scratch, OrganiCity brings together three major urban innovation ecosystems developed in the cities of Aarhus, London, and Santander. These complementary sites will be combined in a common experimentation platform offering environmental and cultural diversity to their respective users.

OrganiCity will enhance the integrated platform with innovative tools that enable citizens to be part of the co-creation process at different stages of the urban technology design life cycle, as well as providing different means to promote their participatory engagement. The co-creation principle will apply to the platform itself, as the partners of the consortium aim to involve citizens and stakeholders in the design of use cases and installation requirements.

Not only do they have an open call for new ideas and solutions, but the project leaders are also open to new cities joining the project, so if you are reading this and working for a city then why not read more on their website and see if it is something that could be of benefit to the citizens in your city.

For more information you can visit: http://organicity.eu/

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