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DevLoop – Hyperloop Test Track Revealed

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

DevLoop is the first and only full-scale Hyperloop test track and was just revealed to the public.

Development Loop or DevLoop will allow engineers to take testing of the cutting edge technology one step further. So far testing was conducted at the innovation campus in Los Angeles, but an outdoor testing facility will answer many questions.

Hundreds of trials involving tests of levitation, propulsion, vacuum and control technologies will be conducted over the next few months, granting further insight into how Hyperloop One can develop as a means of transport in the coming years.

Hyperloop One is designed as a new means of transportation which involves an electric motor to accelerate and decelerate a levitated pod through a low-pressure tube.

For more insight into what Hyperloop is and how will transform the future, take a look at Dr. Alan James’s presentation at the last edition of Nordic Smart Cities.

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