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Denmark: The Minister of Transport discussed infrastructure requests with the Triangle area

Denmark's Triangle Area chairman Jens Ejner Christensen is confident after the meeting with the Minister of Transport in relation to resolving the increasing congestion in the Triangle Area.

On Tuesday, representatives of the Triangle Area Denmark met with the Ministry of Transport to discuss the Triangle Area's infrastructure requests with Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht.

Already today there are significant congestion problems on the highway network in the Triangle area. If nothing is done, forecasts show that the problems will grow significantly over the next 10 years and threaten traffic between the regions.

- I would like to acknowledge a very good meeting with the chairman of the Triangle area. It is my ambition as a minister to ensure a stable framework for the next 10 years of infrastructure investment. Therefore, all the parliamentary parties will be convened to negotiate a new infrastructure plan in order to seek as broad a political agreement as possible, which can also hold, even if the government's power changes. In that regard, it will be natural for us to also discuss road projects in the Triangle area, Benny Engelbrecht said.

At the meeting, Triangle Area Denmark chairman Jens Ejner Christensen expressed the area's wishes that the upcoming infrastructure investment plan should include three construction projects, namely an extension of the highway around Kolding, a mid-German highway - initially Haderslev to Give - and an extension of E45 between Vejle and Skanderborg.

In addition, the seven municipalities in the Triangle area have a common wish that as part of the infrastructure investment plan, a strategic analysis must be made as soon as possible about the congestion problem that will arise on the Little Belt within the next approx. 10 years - including a parallel connection as a solution.

Jens Ejner Christensen is pleased that the Minister of Transport was responsive to the wishes and overall thought the meeting was very positive.

-The Minister of Transport's approach is to examine the various projects thoroughly before making decisions, and this is a very sensible approach. There are many wishes. I am pleased that the Minister of Transport recognizes the importance of discussing solutions around the country's most important intersections in the Triangle area, says Jens Ejner Christensen.

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