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Czech Republic – leading the Charge towards Electric Vehicles

The Czech Republic is one of the leading countries in Central Europe when it comes to e-mobility. The country is home to more than 1000 electric vehicles and the government plan for this number to exceed 95,000 regularly driven electric vehicles within next ten years.

There is no wonder the market is seeing such a rapid growth. Since 2009 the government has worked to build a backbone network of electric car charging stations across the Czech Republic and today the number reached 201 charging points and 523 plugs, of which 51 points are in Prague alone. Car companies recognize the EV market potential here and they are investing in the infrastructure as well, the Humpolec Supercharger being Tesla’s first official presence in Czech Republic.

Plans to expand the electric charging infrastructure include the building of another 40 such stations thanks to a grant provided under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), an EU facility used by the European Commission to support the construction of charging stations along the TEN-T network of major roads that interconnect Europe.

CEE countries still struggle in the transition towards electric-charged vehicles in terms of investment, but strong national policies and well-adapted frameworks can assist in overcoming some of the barriers (eg: narrow choice of electric vehicles, expense, low density of charging infrastructure and limited customer experience) and enable an increase in sustainable vehicles on the roads. These measures combined with incentives (eg: free access to downtown, free parking areas, lane sharing with public transportation) should quickly have effects on the market share of electric vehicles.

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