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Cologne - 1.9 million euros for the modernisation of traffic lights

The city administration wants to modernise and digitise the Cologne traffic light infrastructure with an investment amount of around 1.9 million euros as a further important milestone in the "Clean Air 2017-2020" program by the end of 2020. From this, they expect improvements in the flow of traffic and a better way to adapt traffic light phases to the specific traffic situation. A corresponding draft resolution is now being forwarded to the Council bodies.  

The aim of the project is to improve the traffic flow at traffic lights, especially on busy highways. As early as November 2018, Cologne successfully applied for corresponding funding for the "digitisation of municipal traffic systems".  

With the digitisation of traffic light systems, the city of Cologne is laying an important foundation for innovative and future-oriented mobility and transport infrastructure. This allows us to control traffic intelligently according to the current traffic situation. Improving the flow of traffic significantly reduces pollution, cleaner air and quality of life in our city. By digitising the traffic lights, we create the basic prerequisite for, for example, the use of green wave assistance systems,

emphasises Lord Mayor Henriette Reker.  

The measures now envisaged essentially include:

  • upgrading the equipment of around 40 traffic light systems in the catchment area of ​​heavily used major roads

  • the connection of 26 not yet or not yet fully connected traffic signal systems to the central traffic computer

  • the revision of the plant control system including system modifications to up to 28 fixed traffic lights in the area of ​​the hot spots Aachener Straße, Luxemburger Straße and Justinianstraße

  • the digitisation of the traffic signal and intersection geometry and associated measurement of 53 intersections. 

A high potential of the envisaged investments lies in the renewal or adjustment of older traffic lights and communication modules as well as the associated possibilities of quality assurance.

For this purpose, all systems will be connected to the traffic computer of the city of Cologne and transmit their complete process data so that malfunctions can be detected and corrected promptly. This also creates the conditions for the later introduction of driver assistance systems (traffic light phase assistant, green wave assistant).  

The measures complement the municipal renewal program for traffic lights. Currently around 50 traffic lights are renewed per year from this program.

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