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Bzzt reduces CO2 emissions and streamlines transport

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted Bzzt AB a project grant of SEK 7.5 million for the development of the company's operations, technology and software. The project support will be used to further develop the company's mobility system and make it ready for profitable, international expansion.

A large part of all journeys made in major international cities are shorter than five kilometers. Only in Stockholm about 350 million short trips are made each year, of which just over 60 million are by car or taxi, according to the national travel survey, RVU Sweden.

- This is a quality stamp. Now we have received an acknowledgment that what we do creates value for the environment, individual individuals and society. We want to help steer how people travel in big cities, all over the world. Thanks to the support from the Swedish Energy Agency, we can increase the pace and make it faster. It is incredibly valuable, says Jessica Vacklid, Operations director at Bzzt AB.

Bzzt develops a mobility system consisting of small electric taxi racks (three-wheel EU mopeds), an app for ordering and a software system that optimizes the operational efficiency of the vehicle fleet. A journey with the company's taxi pod is completely emission-free and uses only 15 percent of the energy compared to a journey in a modern diesel taxi.

- This solution has great potential for both the environment and business. It can achieve good profitability in Sweden and is globally scalable. Thus, the company's innovation is well placed to contribute to the restructuring of the global energy system, ”says Jonas Lindblom, business developer at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Bzzt's goal is that each fully active taxi pod, which is in operation during the company's opening hours, should be able to save an average annual consumption of electricity at a villa - 20,000 kWh. The expansion target is set to make the mobility system in 2023 in 20 major cities internationally.

- I also want to mention in particular the company's work on highlighting women in a male-dominated transport industry, among other things by having internal targets for how many of the drivers are women, says Jonas Lindblom.

About the Swedish Energy Agency's support for individual, market-related projects

The Swedish Energy Agency offers support to small and medium-sized companies for projects relating to industrial verification and commercialisation of new energy innovations. It also includes pilot and demonstration projects, which are usually carried out together with a requirement-setting customer.

The company should be able to demonstrate that their solution has good business potential and can be scaled up internationally, so that it can thereby contribute to more Swedish jobs, increased export revenues and the conversion of the global energy system.

About Bzzt AB

Bzzt runs small, flexible electric taxi booths for short trips in the city that are booked with an app. The pods are completely emission-free and Bzzt is the only Good eco-labeled taxi service in the world. It is cheap - it only costs 4 öre per meter, with no advance and start-up fees. The drivers have collective agreements and fair wages. Cheap, nice conditions for the drivers and completely emission-free - a fairly unique combination in the taxi industry.

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