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Arninge station becomes a convenient exchange point for northeast Stockholm

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Illustration: Ahlqvist & Almqvist architects

The municipality of Täby continues to invest in public transport. Together with the Swedish Transport Administration and SL, work on the Arninge station begins. Here, residents can choose sustainable types of traffic such as walking, bicycle, bus and train.

The Swedish Transport Administration builds Arninge station and the SL railway sections. The municipality of Täby builds the municipal streets and bicycle parking that connects to Arninge station. From Arninge station, travellers are given the opportunity to take the Roslagsbanan or get on buses to Stockholm, Norrtälje, Vaxholm, Åkersberga, Vallentuna and Danderyds hospitals.

Increased accessibility in Arninge-Ullna

Arninge-Ullna has workplaces, housing and a commercial area that is developing rapidly. For residents and those working in Arninge-Ullna, Arninge station becomes important with increased accessibility to and from the area. Arninge-Ullna is Täby's largest workplace. The area has about 600 companies and 4,000 people come here and work every day.

- Täby is investing heavily in increased accessibility and with Arninge station we get an important exchange point for residents and those working in the area and a hub for the whole of northeastern Stockholm. Here, travellers can park their car, change to Roslagsbanan or bus. With the ongoing double-track extension for the Roslagsbanan and improved bus routes, it will be easy to get to and from Arninge-Ullna, says Erik Andersson (M), chairman of the local council in Täby municipality.

The Swedish Transport Administration expects to start work in October 2019, with a weather-protected pedestrian bridge linking the station to the Arninge centre. A number of bus stops are being built along the E18 and a circulation site is being built on Arningevägen with another entrance to Arninge centre. Roslagsbanan's new platform has been ready since December 2018 and will be used when the Arninge station area becomes ready.

“The growing regional city centre needs access to sustainable travel and convenient interchange points around the city,” says Helena Sundberg, regional director at the Swedish Transport Administration. Therefore, the Swedish Transport Administration is building a switching point in Arninge in collaboration with SL and Täby municipality. We connect modes of #transport through quick, safe and easy exchanges between bus, train, bicycle and car.


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