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A new neighbourhood in Malmö

MKB Fastighets AB has formed a jointly owned company with Skanska Sverige AB and Tornet Bostadsproduktion AB. Together, the company will develop the area in Malmö where Jägersro trotting track is today. This was announced at a press conference this morning.

The ambition is to build 4,000–5,000 homes - a mix of apartment blocks with condominiums and rental apartments and townhouses. There will also be room for commercial activities such as local services and business premises as well as for public services such as schools, preschools, retirement homes, parking garages and more - all to create a vibrant neighbourhood.

Nature, technology and quality of life

The area's current identity is largely based on equestrian sports and other sports and on the vicinity of nature. The new district takes advantage of the location and the place's natural, green conditions and combines it with the modern technology's most exciting opportunities in digitisation, communication and logistics. Physically, it is also short distances and good communications between the new district and the rest of Malmö.

Construction starts 2024/2025

The entire project assumes that the Skåne Trot Society will receive building permits for its planned facility east of the current trotting track.

The work on developing the area starts immediately, with the ambition that the construction start will take place as soon as possible. The area is then built in stages and is expected to be completed by 2040–2050.

The new company will develop the area and create ready-made building rights, which it then benefits and sells, mainly to the three owners but also externally. However, the company will not invest in buildings itself, but only in infrastructure: streets, pipes etc.

A sustainable area

A fundamental step for the development is to develop a sustainable neighbourhood, and the area will become a platform for accelerated development of sustainable construction. Here, three strong players with high ambitions can realise their visions of future-oriented, climate-neutral solutions.

About the area

- The EIA bought the area from the Skånska Travsällskapet (STS) in November 2017. Access is expected to take place in 2022, provided that STS receives detailed plans and building permits.

- The area includes the current Jägersro trotting track and the car park between the trotting track and Jägersro Center, a total of 40 hectares.

- The company SMT Malmö Partner Holding AB is owned 45 percent by MKB Fastighets AB, 45 percent by Skanska Sverige AB and 10 percent by Tornet Bostadsproduktion AB.


Location: Jägersro tramway and parking outside Location : between the inner ring road and the outer ring road in southeastern Malmö Area : 40 hectares Construction start : 2024/2025 Completely built : 2040–2050 Contents : 4,000–5,000 dwellings + premises for commercial and public service Corporate form : a joint venture company with three owners Ownership : MKB 45 percent, Skanska 45 percent, Tornet 10 percent

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