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122 biofuel production facilities in the Nordic region

Bioenergy has compiled existing and planned facilities for the production of biofuels in the Nordic region. We list plants that are in operation, projects that are under construction as well as known and published plans for future projects. We have identified 63 projects for liquid biofuels in the Nordic countries and 59 plants in Sweden for the production of biogas for vehicle operation.

In the tables, data on raw material and production capacity for biofuels in the Nordic countries are reported in cases where we know the data. The production capacity for all plants cannot be added together to produce the total capacity, as some plants produce a raw material for a refinery that makes the final product, such as SunPine, which produces crude diesel for Preem. It can also be that refineries import raw material for the production of biofuels.

The produced end product is not always used in the same country as it is produced, but can be exported to another country depending on prices and demand.

Finally, of course, production capacity is not always fully utilised. With these reservations, however, the compilation provides an indication of existing capacity and future planned expansion of production capacity. We have included planned facilities up to 2025.

Production capacity 13 TWh in the Nordic region today

In the Nordic region, there is currently a production capacity for biofuels corresponding to just over 12 TWh, including 1.3 TWh of biomethane produced in Sweden. New plants where investment decisions have been made and which are under construction correspond to approximately 1.5 TWh.

If all projects planned for 2025 are implemented, the production capacity for biofuels in the Nordic region will increase by approximately 35 TWh. In total, the capacity will be almost 50 TWh for biofuel production in the Nordic countries, including existing projects and those under construction. To this figure, biogas projects in Norway, Finland and Denmark should be added.

Bioenergy plans to continuously monitor and develop the monitoring of biofuel production in the Nordic region. In 2019, Bioenergy No. 3 and No. 6 will have an extra focus on biofuels and transport.

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